Mars Dragons 2


Mars Dragons is back! Now with much more excitement and challenges! Do not let the Mars dragons dominate the Earth. Let's fight again!

SAVE THE PLANET EARTH! Mars Dragons returned and are now at sea, on the beach, in the countryside, in the desert and even an amusement park! Let's play before they dominate our planet!

MORE HEROES! The gang of heroes rose! Now there are eight in total! At each stage you get blue balls that can be exchanged for a new hero. Complete your team!

CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS! Challenge opponents from all over the world to see who is the best hero of all and who gets in a single flight, reach 9 dragons! You will get! Let's play!

Mars Dragons

Help friends Yelo, Gele and Zely to defend the Earth of the flying dragons from Mars! 

Beware of obstacles, traps and bombs! Save the Earth!

Cool features:

  • 60 electrifying levels!
  • New in-app purchases!
  • Cool sound!
  • Beautifully HD backgrounds!
  • An amazing BONUS level!

Availability:Flying Dragons From Mars is now available worldwide exclusively through the App Store just for 


Anagram Challenge

Enjoy deciphering over than 700 words!

Playing with Anagram Challenge you end up learning new things. Once played, you always want to play more and more!

  • New Interface
  • Shake to change the word to decipher
  • 5 levels
  • Choose the level of difficulty
  • Choose the appropriate time to decipher the words

Anagram Challenge is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store for free (*being updated for iOS 9 and above)



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